Fresh to the scene, Tali (TVLI) enters the world of electronic music with his pensive take on deep/melodic house beats. In 2022, his distinctive style garnered the attention of Grammy-nominated musician and electronic music pioneer BT, paving the way for his signing to KSS3TE After Dark, where he has worked closely with BT and multi-platinum artist Christian Burns.

With a dynamic repertoire and a long history of music beginning with piano lessons at the age of five, Tali brings a unique musical experience to his listeners. After spending many years as a guitarist for various bands, Tali has returned to his piano roots, but with a twist. At first, it was a matter of necessity that led him down the electronic path. Unable to bring his guitar with him on a 2015 deployment to the Middle East, he had to improvise to maintain his commitment to creating music. He went for a more portable option using only his laptop and Ableton to create his unique style of electronic music.

After the military, Tali's primary interest shifted towards analog synthesizers. It was the creation of his own unique sound that really drew him into the electronic genre. He found an unlimited well of creative potential through his combined knowledge of analog synthesis, piano, guitar, and electronic music production. Tali remains deeply committed to his passion for music production, currently channeling his creativity into a second album. Simultaneously, he is meticulously crafting an enticing live set, drawing from the rich tapestry of sounds in his debut album, poised to captivate audiences everywhere.